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At Quality Driver Solutions, Inc.  we take safety very seriously.

Safety is our #1 priority at Quality Driver Solutions. While we can’t prevent the unpreventable, we can give our drivers as many advantages as possible to make the right decisions while on the job and on the road. We strongly believe those advantages come with training.

In 2018, we’re focusing on our revamped driver safety program: a fundamental and comprehensive standard operating procedure taking into consideration driver-specific skills and job duties utilized by our work force.  Here are some of the components of our safety program that ensure our Quality Drivers are also Your Safe Drivers.


  • Safe, Quality Drivers mean more money to our clients’ bottom line
    • QDS incentivizes safe driving behaviors from our drivers
  • Pre-Employment Qualification Screening and Knowledge Testing 
  • “Smith System” Rules of Driving
  • Quarterly Safety Meetings 
  • Monthly Driver Safety Bulletins
  • Monthly Internal Staff Risk Management Newsletters
  • Safe Driver Initiative
  • Client Safety Inspections