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At Quality Drivers, Inc.  we take safety very seriously.

Safety is our #1 priority at Quality Driver Solutions. A safe driver is one that has the training and experience to do his or her job effectively while remaining focused, calm and professional at all times. While we can’t prevent the unpreventable, we can give our drivers as many advantages as possible to make the right decisions while on the job and on the road. We strongly believe those advantages come with training.

In 2018, we’re focusing on our revamped driver safety program: a fundamental and comprehensive standard operating procedure taking into consideration driver-specific skills and job duties utilized by our work force.  Here are some of the components of our safety program that ensure our Quality Drivers are also Your Safe Drivers.

  • Pre-Employment Qualification Screening and Knowledge Testing – All commercial driver applicants are required to pass knowledge tests in addition to a two-year minimum experience qualification. This helps us weed out inexperienced drivers.
  • After an application of employment is completed, new hires are provided training on the “Smith System” rules of driving and must also pass a written test to demonstrate their knowledge of the 5 keys.
  • Quarterly Safety Meetings – This essential part of Quality Driver Solutions’ Safety Program is the most direct way we communicate our safety objectives to our employees. Each quarter, we focus on a specific safety concern based on observation to the risks around us, as well as preventative training topics designed to mitigate those risks.
  • Monthly Driver Safety Bulletins – Every month, each commercial driver working at Quality Driver Solutions is provided with a monthly safety bulletin and must pass a quiz on the topic covered. This additional form of consistent training helps influence our workforce to maintain a “safety first” mentality.
  • Monthly Internal Staff Risk Management Newsletters – For internal staff benefit and awareness, QDS has implemented a monthly Risk Control Newsletter. This resource is used by our driver management and dispatch teams as a supplement when discussing specific safety related topics during our quarterly safety meetings as well as during daily dispatching conversations.
  • Safe Driver Initiative – The Quality Driver Solutions, Inc. Safe Driver Initiative is designed to recognize and reward employees for their superior safety performance and to direct individual behavior towards achieving common company goals.
  • It Pays to Be Safe! All Quality Drivers are eligible for a yearly safety bonus.  If they meet minimum safety criteria in categories such as: following safe driving habits, developing safe behaviors on and off the road, ensuring Hours of Services regulations are adhered to, minimizing risky behaviors that can lead to accidents, injuries, and property damage.
  • Client Safety Inspections – Driver safety isn’t solely the responsibility of the driver and QDS, our client companies also play a vital role by regularly maintaining their equipment, keeping work areas neat and tidy, and having a strong safety program and culture in their businesses. It is important for us to help ensure that our drivers are not only being given every opportunity by QDS to be as safe as possible, but also that their direct supervisors and co-workers on-site are also doing the same. Therefore, we take every measure to inspect prospective clients and existing partners’ facilities and equipment before placing any of our valued employees to work for them.