Quality Driver Solutions Inc.

Services Offered By QDS

Temporary Associates

Need a driver for the day? Give us a call. We have drivers on stand-by that will assist in your last minute staffing needs. Dispatchers will take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Short Term or Vacation Relief

Are you experiencing rapid business growing?
Facing challenges scheduling upcoming vacations?
The last thing your company needs is to worry about rerouting or canceled deliveries due to not having sufficient man power to support routes/runs. How about coordinating staff vacations? Let us assist with placing qualified driver(s) at your facility to handle your business growth, or provide coverage for your staff’s vacations. Once you’re fully staffed and able to manage your productivity, just notify a QDS Representative and we’ll handle the rest! This will allow you to focus on your operations and avoid the administrative tasks of layoffs and/or unemployment claims.



Long Term Staffing Program

We understand how much effort and time it takes to manage your staff. From processing payroll, employee benefits, workers compensation, maintenance of your D.O.T. files, quarterly safety meetings.... the list goes on. Let one of our Account Executives conduct an analysis to demonstrate what the real costs are to you for hiring direct versus through our service.
Once drivers fulfill their obligation as agreed on our agreement, they can be hired by you, the customer.

Assessment Program

You’ve taken the time to run your ad, screen prospective applicants, take driver applications, interview your candidates etc. Just when you think you’ve found the right person, something disqualifies the candidate during the process or the candidate decides to decline the offer and your process starts over again. Our assessment program allows you to run your ad and interview your candidates. Once you’ve decided on a candidate, send him/her to us. We will process the application, maintain the driver(s) file, process payroll, and administer any and all workers compensation claims. This program is offered at a discounted rate and reduced conversion terms.